From child pose (Balasana) to Warrior I and II (Virabhadrasana I and II), from learning about hand mudras to Nadi Sodana….

From child pose (Balasana) to Warrior I and II (Virabhadrasana I and II), from learning about hand mudras to Nadi Sodana….

Hello!  Welcome to Meraki Yoga Surrey!

My name is Ross.

Would you like to improve your balance, flexibility and strength? Are you looking to dedicate time to yourself or to relax and wind down at the end of stressful day or week? Or perhaps you are looking to stretch, be more supple and improve general well being? Or looking for relaxation and meditation?

Practising yoga helps the body to maintain balance, to improve strength, and to boost the body’s capacity to self healing.  The most gentler yoga postures can bring strength in the body as well as the mind - just think about 'tree pose' for example.  Breathing practices help relax the body, connect to the mind and to the inner-self.    A yoga practice should enable us to come to a quiet space, to calm the chatter in our mind and think positively .   'Better control over breathing means better control over the heart rate.  The focus on postures, breathing and relaxation in each session lead to relaxation and meditation in the more advanced practices.

Practising yoga regularly helps to:

  • increase the range of movements in the joints

  • strengthen and tone the muscles

  • improve balance, mobility and energy levels

  • improves alignment and posture

  • reduce tension and help to manage stress better

  • bring equilibrium to the muscular and nervous system, to the digestive as well as the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Wondering which class is suitable for you?  Check description of yoga classes please click on Which Class button   below.   If you would like to have a chat, give me a call or drop me a line 

Mats, blocks and straps will be provided.  Please wear comfortable clothes.  Yoga is practised with bare feet, do make sure that you bring socks and a blanket for relaxation.   Some of the classes are small to have the opportunity to  give more attention to the participants.  Whilst yoga is suitable for all ages and abilities, if you have had any recent injuries or recovering from an operation, please contact me before you book a class.

Kind words

Excellent teacher offering alternative poses
Ross is a very good teacher. Her explanations are clear and is very helpful with assisting us correct position if needed which is very good including alternative positions for those with any problems. She always checks if we are ok throughout. She is very approachable and open to any questions which is also very good. Her classes have a good balance of exercises and relaxation.
This is a thoroughly enjoyable class and ... with good balance between movement and relaxation
Thoroughly enjoyable class, and I think that you have a good balance between movement and relaxation