One to One

About the Course

Private lesson, a fantastic alternative to group classes.

In a private session my sole focus and attention is on you. Private lessons are tailored to your requirements and your goals. It's an ideal option to deepen your practice. Suitable when recovering from an injury or simply wanting a quieter and personal practice.

This type of session offers the opportunity to focus on individual requirements and work through a practice designed for the individual and aimed to progressively work towards well being at a more individual level and pace.

Private sessions are available for 18+ and may be suitable for those who are recovering from an injury or suffering from conditions that can be better addressed outside of a group class environment.

For 1 person: £25 for 1 session or £100 for 5 sessions

For 2 persons: £35 for 1 session or £150 for 5 sessions


Sessions are available Mondays to Saturdays, and are subject to availability. For Sunday bookings an additional charge of £5 will be made. Block bookings: If you buy a block of sessions and wish to cancel before the block of sessions is completed, then you will be charged each session already taken at the standard price and any balance will be refunded. Cancellations or Postponement: You should give me at least 4 hours prior notice if you want to postpone a session that we have agreed. If I turn up at your home and you had not cancelled the agreed session, you will be charged for that session. For private tuition at your home, no travel is charged within a 8-mile radius from Carshalton (SM5). Outside this radius, a 30p per mile will be charged.

If you are interested in booking a 1-2-1 session, please contact me. Sessions are subject to availability.