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Corporate Yoga


Long hours, commuting, sedentary life, desk jobs, poor sitting postures and irregular eating habits all contribute to a stressed and inefficient workforce. Yoga in the office is a great way to address these issues. Good health makes business sense. Help staff remain healthy to work more effectively and thrive in the workplace. Research indicates that regularly taking time to pause, breathe and use mindfulness techniques helps us feel better mentally and physically.

When we are balanced and feel supported, we make better decisions, communicate with clarity and are more present. Yoga gives tools to enhance a sense of well-being and balance in both work and personal lives, become more resilient and be able to navigate better through ever changing world and complexities that we may encounter.

If anxiety, depression, sick days and obesity are increasing amongst the workforce, it makes sense to invest in a corporate wellness programme. Adult yoga classes are surely a welcome step.

Colleagues leave yoga sessions feeling grounded, relaxed, or energised, with fresh perspective and clarity to go back to the daily activities or the rest of the day.

Regular practice of adult yoga classes promotes a sense of wellbeing, improves breathing, relieves stress, strengthens and tones muscles, improves concentration and reduces tension. In addition, Yoga in the workplace can foster a ‘teamwork’ spirit, that will benefit the entire workplace. Key benefits include higher staff retention, enhanced motivation and creativity, reduced absenteeism and a greater sense of team and work morale.

Ok, so how do we go forward?

Classes can be delivered in any suitable space at your office – such as a meeting room, waiting area or canteen.

  • A taster class is a great way to stimulate interest and create an opportunity for people to participate and work out if they initiative is welcomed.

  • Individual tailored session on a 1 to 1 basis are also available at selected times. Private yoga lessons could provide a way to exercise for those recovering from injury, operation, suffering from certain medical conditions.

Classes can be scheduled at lunchtime or after office hours, on weekly or bi-weekly basis, on a course (say of 4, 6 or 8 classes) basis or on a term basis. Arrangements with the company may vary and for this reason, it is better to have a chat to work out what you need and how I can assist.

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