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Transformation, rejuvenation and renewal

March is the transition period from winter to spring... as it happens in nature, it is happening in our body and mind. Spring is about rejuvenation.

During this period, we are shaking off the torpor of winter and - despite the weather being more like winter than spring - we see the day light is lengthening and therefore a chance to achieve more. Spring is the season that according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is associated with the Element of Wood that rules the Liver, aka Army's General. This transformative organ is responsible for maintaining good metabolism, assisting with energy levels and supporting the immune system. It separates the good stuff we need and expels the toxins that we don’t need.

To help the liver stay healthy, we may want to eat antioxidants such as artichokes, broccoli, grapefruit, beetroot. Tendons ligaments and joints are kept healthy by the liver function.

Physically and mentally, we may find renewed strength. Harmony in Liver-Gall Bladder channel means finding the strength to turn dreams into reality, to keep going or trying again, to have a go at something that may not have worked in the past.

In our Yoga practice, and in particular in Yin Yoga, we focus on postures that release energy blocked around the (mid-)abdominal area to promote a sense of space, light and wellbeing. In the more general Yoga classes, we are focusing on backbends (Two foot support, Bow Pose, Camel).

For lightness, we are exploring balances (Warrior III, Tree Pose, Dancers Pose) during the practices to bring harmony to body and mind during this period which incidentally coincides with a Crescent Moon - marking new beginnings.

In the same way that nature awakes, grows and slowly flourishes, emotionally we may find the courage and determination to grow, create, explore and face the world with renewed vigour to pursue plans and dreams.

Stay tuned 🙏


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