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Ways to improve foot health

How much time do you spend looking after your feet?

From the moment that we learn how to walk as babies, our feet support our body in all activities apart from sleeping – which you could argue it is not an activity and that’s a conversation for another day.

At all ages, we need our feet to be strong, flexible and healthy as we use the feet all the time for walking, running, driving, standing up/sitting down, and so on.

The foot is formed of tiny delicate bones. Each is unique and each has a part to play. If you have ever broken a toe, you will know how each toe - no matter how small is – essential for the functioning of the foot to carry out everyday’s activities – and also how painful and long the healing process can be.

skeleton foot

With feet exercises, we can promote healthier feet and establish a better connection that is essential to maintain good balance as we grow older. You can do the following exercises either resting the heel on the ground or with feet lifted off the floor (and even watching TV!):

1. Rotate the feet at the ankles, outwards and then inwards

2. Point the toes away, and flex the feet, stretching through the heels

3. Move the feet from side to side, like wipers

4. Move the feet out to the sides away from each other, and then move them inwards, toes touching.

5. Bringing your right foot closer to you (if you can, resting on the left thigh) hold the right ankle with the right hand and:

a. with the left hand holding the right foot at the point of the instep, rotate the foot one way about 5 or 6 times and then the other way.

b. With the left palm against the sole of the right foot, push (please be gentle!) the top foot towards the ankle and then change, palm of the left hand to the front of the foot, push the top of the foot back (toes are pointing away). Do this about 3 times.

c. And then do a) and b) with the left foot.

I have made a video of some of these foot exercises, so if you would like to receive the link, please EMAIL ME to request access at

And finally it is said that massaging the feet before bedtime with a foot cream or an oil promotes better sleep – give it a try!


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