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Kids Yoga


Why kids yoga?

Yoga is for all, including kids. Practising yoga on a regular basis helps kids develop a sense of balance - physically, emotionally and mentally.

Sessions provide an opportunity for students to foster a sense of harmony and encourage them to cultivate a sense of respect and compassion, for themselves and others.

How can it help?

Children are taught postures, breathing and relaxation techniques, appropriate for their age and development stage. The sessions are fun, friendly and stimulating and in collaboration with teachers, can be complementary to the school activities and curriculum to support the academic learning. Sessions help increase body awareness, strength, flexibility, concentration, self-confidence and self-worth, and reduce hyperactivity and anger, cultivating a sense of mindful living.

About the sessions

Location: online or onsite | When: weekly or bi-weekly | Format: group sessions, courses or workshops | Duration: 30/45 minutes depending on the age group | Prices: group sessions from £4 per child per session - discounts for block sessions - hourly fixed fee for nurseries, schools and clubs

Groups on location: Small groups preferred 10 children per session - max 20 children, depending on space, age, assistance from nursery, school or club required to ensure adequate supervision NS |

Groups online: 10 children per session, supervision by parent or guardian may be required |

Group 1: 5-7 years | Group 2: 8-10 years | Group 3: 11-13 years |

Individual sessions available - please inquire

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