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Private Sessions

The Joys of Yoga

Yoga improves flexibility and strength, posture and concentration. It can reduce stress or help manage stress better through learning and practising breathing techniques.

Private yoga lesson, a fantastic alternative to classes. Why not practice in the comfort of your own home under the guidance of a highly qualified teacher.  In a private yoga session my sole focus and attention is on you. Private yoga lessons are ALL ABOUT YOU, they are taylored to your requirements and your goals.

A private yoga lesson is ideal to deepen your practice or suitable when recovering from an injury or simply wanting a quieter and personal yoga practice.

This type of session offers the opportunity to focus on individual requirements and work through a practice designed for the individual and aimed to progressively work towards well being at a more individual level and pace.

Private yoga sessions are available for 18+ and may be suitable for those who wish to practise yoga when recovering from an injury or suffering from conditions that can be better addressed outside of a group class environment.