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Hunter's Moon Yoga Practice

As I write it is Full Moon and more specifically Hunter’s Moon.

Most of you know of my respect for this natural cycle that graces our skies regularly and may have an impact on our bodies. As our bodies are 70% water, moon cycles are said to have on us an effect similar to what the tides have in relation to the sea.

Some of you also know that in my classes I try to teach yoga harnessing the lunar energy and align the practice and focus with nature - and avoid balances😆!!!

Hunter's Moon Yoga practice?

This week the class theme was around water. In some classes, we followed the Mandala of the Water Salutation, the cycle that takes us all around our mat, when we see our practice room through a different perspective, all four sides, and come back to the starting point. In some other classes, we focused on Bridge pose, and explored different variations. Mentally we focused on flow and fluidity, flexibility (to work around obstacles) and yet have the persistency to shape and adapt. Emotionally, we asked ourselves what needs to be considered 'water under the bridge' or what we need to let go of.

hunters moon

Why the name of Hunter’s Moon

The name of this particular Moon is attributed to the time when our ancestors used to go hunting to build the supplies for the winter’s months ahead. With the fields free after being harvested in September (last month it was Harvest Moon) and with the help of the bright moonlight, hunting was made easier.

This Moon also holds cultural and spiritual significance in various traditions. Some Native American tribes associated it with the time for gathering and storing food for the winter. Hunter's Moon is often characterised by its vibrant orange or reddish hue.

Lunar Eclipse

Special to this Moon is that it is also a lunar eclipse so on a night clear of clouds (will we be so lucky?). In a lunar eclipse, the Earth aligns between the Sun and the Moon, causing the Earth's shadow to fall on the Moon. This October it will be partial - the full moon may appear that a ‘bite’ has been taken out of it.


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