How Strong is your foundation in Asanas

In everything we do we need to set good foundations..

Before we start a practice we stand in samasthiti or tadasana. We check the connection of our feet with the ground beneath. Our theme was Muladhara cakra this week, the Root cakra, and I have emphasised more the need to feel grounded, rooting down, to establish steadiness in the feet before we move onto the next movement.

Why do we bother? Well, we need to build a good foundation in everything really. Whether you learn a new skill, establish a new relationship or simply building a new house. We need good foundations for all these. Without them, our newly acquired skills, our relationships and our house will be shaky. And if that is the case, we need to go back to the roots and fix the problem.

For example, how do you feel when you get into Triangle, Trikonasana (as in the pic)? Where do you get stuck? Triangle is not an easy sidebend.

Forget for a moment about moving the trunk. When you take the feet wide, and before you go further, do you pause, make sure that your feet are steady, your stance is good and you have equal weight between the feet? or do you just want to take the hand toward the leg? What happens when you forget about pressing down your backleg? You are putting more weight in the front leg and you may lift the heel of the back foot. Not a good foundation.

And when we start moving the trunk, if we have good support through the feet, we are able to keep head, neck and spine in line as we release the hand toward the leg. Without strong support, don't we feel gravity, pulling that upper body down towards the earth and spine curving to the side?

So what is important in this posture? The foundation - once you have worked out your foundation, then we can start looking at other parts of the body, explore what you can or cannot do, and modify.

Don't get stuck … your foundation in asanas and then move consciously onto the next stage!

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