What I say when students say that they cannot do tree pose like they used to....

Our bodies change all the time and over time, we may not be able to move or do things that we used to. I hear students saying that they used to be able to do tree pose with the foot against the inner thigh, and shaking their head, they say they cannot do that any more. I point out that tree pose is about balance. So, does it matter how high the foot is placed?

We can adapt and adjust the pose to suit. If we can still balance on one foot with the other foot against the shin and are able to turn the knee out to the side, is that not a balance? If we can still balance on one leg and keep our focus forward, hold the core muscles, and spread the arms overhead like tree branches, and keep breathing, it really does not matter that we no longer can take one foot against the inner thigh in the classic yoga tree pose.