Newsletter - June 2021

What happened in May?

First in person Class since March 2020😳

On Tuesday 18 May, I welcomed a few students back into practising yoga in the hall.  I was pleased to see those who turned up and yes, we are doing things differently.  However, I felt that this did not detract anything from the enjoyment of being able to practice in a group.

Want to come back to class but you have not practised for a while?  That's ok, and as you all know, I teach in stages, so plenty of modifications are offered.  In Yoga, we need to be Present, to have Patience and Perseverance🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️


Fundraising for the Royal Marsden🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️

As you may know, on Sunday 23 May, I walked the 5 (well, in fact there were 7) miles of the Banham March to raise funds for the Royal Marsden.   At the time of writing, we have raised a fantastic £300 (including money pledged) and this is double the target - thank you to all those who supported and donated.  Perhaps next year, we will be able to walk the March together!  

New Courses

Although new courses and training are necessary for my own development and broadening of knowledge and experience, the benefits are inevitably passed onto all of you. 

My Yin Yoga course was interesting - I have written some reflections of the experience in a short Blog.    The plan is to start a class or offer a workshop, perhaps with a luxurious Yoga Nidra - Watch this space!

There has been much in the press about Long Covid; doing a course with Fiona Agombar on 'Yoga Therapy for Chronic Fatigue, Burnout and Long Covid' has made me realise how many different medical conditions there are, and also made me understand how disabilitating they can be, how they affect people's lives and how much rest and good breathing practice are beneficial tools to manage these conditions.   


June Programme

Timetable & Bookings

I have published the June timetable. Please check and download the June timetable HERE Changes are:

  1. the start of a second Gentle Yoga In-the-Hall at Banstead Methodist Church, The Dr, Banstead SM7 1DA on Fridays at 12noon

  2. Online Yoga classes:

  • Yoga Nidra - this month 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month

  • A FREE online Pilates class from at 6:15-7:15pm on Wednesday 30 June


All other classes continue as before either online or in person.   

If you are purchasing a Monthly Class Pass, note that there are 5 Tuesdays during June.

To use the Online Booking system, please follow the instructions HERE

When you have successfully booked, an email confirmation will be sent to you automatically.  The day before the class, a reminder will be sent to you together with the cancellation policy.    The Online booking system allows you to book, reschedule   It will also allow you to put your name on the waiting list if a class is full.   I am happy to guide you through the booking system over the telephone if you get stuck.    Please note that if you need to reset your password, you can do so using your computer or phone - the iPad does not have the functionality to allow for this.


Attending at a Venue?

As a reminder there are protocols that need to be observed and there are fewer places so long as we need to socially distance.  So booking is essential.   Bookings will close the day before the class. No Drops-in will be allowed, until further notice.  

As a reminder, I will not supply any equipment, so please bring whatever you feel you need to be comfortable and practice.  Anyone needing blocks, I have brand new ones at £5 each.

The COVID-guidelines applicable to my classes are updated regularly so please familiarise yourself with them if you intend to attend the yoga classes at a venue.  They give you information about attending class after travelling, equipment, mask wearing, mats placements, etc.

(Please scroll down this page to see the typical layout of mats at a venue.)

As the weather gets warmer, I will organise Yoga Outdoor - if you are interested, please follow my Facebook page as this event will be very much something announced at short notice, as it is dependent on good weather - and we know that conditions can change very quickly.

1:1 Sessions

are still on Zoom or outdoor at the moment.   I can accommodate most evenings when I am not teaching a group class or Saturdays.

Class Passes

Fees & Class Passes

As for payment, no online payment facility is available; bookings are to be paid preferably by BACS (cheques or cash also accepted).

Class Passes are per person.

60 minutes class - Yoga in-the-Hall

  • Individual session £7.50

  • Monthly 2 sessions (60 mins) class pass £13

  • Monthly 3 sessions (60 mins) class pass £20

  • Monthly 4 sessions (60 mins) class pass £25 

  • Monthly 5 sessions (60 mins) class pass £30 – this is given as a guide where applicable

60 minutes Online yoga session £5

75 minutes class - Yoga in-the-Hall

  • Individual session £9

  • Monthly 2 sessions (75 mins) class pass £16

  • Monthly 3 sessions (75 mins) class pass £23

  • Monthly 4 sessions (75 mins) class pass £30

  • Monthly 5 sessions (75 mins) class pass £37 - this is given as a guide where applicable


75 minutes Online yoga session £6

Your opinion please

Yoga & gender

I am writing a piece on Yoga and gender.   Although there has been some progress and a higher participation of men doing yoga, the gap is still significant, despite the fact that footballers like Messi, Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs have publicly said that they practise yoga and meditation.


I would be interested to hear from all of you, in particular those male participants to my classes.

Is Yoga considered a physical activity more suitable for a woman than a man?  If so, for what reasons?   What are the perceptions, myths or misconceptions?   What stops those from the male population participating to yoga or what prompts them to attend?  What are the challenges to make that first step into a yoga class and more importantly, to continue?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

I leave you with a couple of quotes from - I think - two of the most influential yoga teachers of our times - TKV Desikachar and BKS Iyengar

Quote from TKV Desikachar on how sucess of yoga is determined by the benefits it gives us.
Quote from Iyengar - "It is never too late in life to practice yoga"
Hall Plan photo