Gentle yoga photo

Gentle Yoga

Aligning With Yourself

Duration of session: 60 minutes

You are never too old to start yoga! Yoga helps to improve posture, balance, flexibility and mobility, to relieve lower back pains, to reduce stress, to strengthen muscles and improve general well-being.


Suitable for those wishing to do a gentle exercise focused on a balanced combination of postures, to improve flexibility, mobility and balance. Students are encouraged to work and progress at their own pace. Special attention is given to basic alignment and plenty of options are given for the execution of postures on mat or chair.


Ideal for those looking to improve their general wellbeing.  Suitable for those who can move from mat to standing with ease.

Not suitable during pregnancy, 18+ only

Available online and in Hall (subject to Government & Sports England guidelines)

In Hall sessions: click here for COVID guidelines