Yoga nidra photo

Yoga Nidra

Relax and Renew

Yoga Nidra Yoga Nidra means 'yogic sleep' in Sansrit.  It promotes inner harmony and enhances our ability to move forward in life. It invites you to treat every experience and every moment as an opportunity. 

A deep relaxation class, with emphasis on rest.
Starting with a gentle warming up and joints movements to bring the body to a comfortable state of relaxation, integrating a calming and relaxing Yoga Nidra to sooth the nervous system, calm the mind, re-nourishing every part of the body through comfort and rest. Integrating pranayama at the end of the practice to balance once more.
Designed to quieten the mind and rest the body, to restore harmony and wellbeing, naturally.


The course will cover: Yoga Nidra with guided meditation 'Walk in Nature' and Breathwork; Yoga Nidra for Better Sleep and Breathwork; Yoga Nidra for Gratitude and Breathwork; Yoga Nidra with guided meditation on Cakras and Breathwork.