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Beginners Yoga

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Your first step towards wellbeing!  

This 4 weeks yoga course will lay the foundations of your practice.  During the yoga course for beginners, you will learn from scratch with a small group of people, in a supportive and interactive environment, under the supervision of a highly trained yoga teacher.  Each class is designed as a building block towards developing an awesome yoga practice.   Designed as a progressive intelligent sequencing that focuses on correct alignment of the body, a step-by-step description and demonstration of physical postures and guidance on breathing techniques.

You will learn about movement, alignment, synching movement and breath - to get the most out of a practice that aims to leave you feeling rejuvenated, energized, stretched, toned and positive!


What will be covered:  Week 1: standing postures, forward bends, 3 part breathing, counterposes, balance; Week 2: sidebends, standing, kneeling and supine, counterposing, breathing practice; Week 3: prone and standing backbends, counterposes, breathing practice; Week 4: standing, kneeling and supine twists, counterposes and breathing practice. Detailed instructions, with plenty of options and modifications will be offered.


At the end of the 4-week course, you shall have experienced physical and mental benefits out of the course and be confident to join a regular class to continue your yoga journey.

This class is not suitable during pregnancy.  The class is suitable for those who are able to transition easily from mat to standing and viceversa.   18+.