People doing beginners yoga

Beginners Yoga

Your first step towards wellbeing!  

This 4 weeks yoga course will lay the foundations of your practice.  

Learn in a small group of people

supportive and interactive environment

under the supervision of a highly trained yoga teacher.  

Each class is designed as a building block

A progressive intelligent sequencing 

focused on correct alignment of the body, a step-by-step description and demonstration of physical postures and guidance on breathing techniques.

What will be covered: Each session is 60 minutes.  Week 1: standing postures, forward bends, 3 part breathing, balance; Week 2: sidebends, standing, kneeling and supine, breathing practice; Week 3: prone and standing backbends, breathing practice; Week 4: standing, kneeling and supine twists, and breathing practice. Detailed instructions, with plenty of options and modifications will be offered.


At the end of the 4-week course, you shall have experienced physical and mental benefits out of the course and be confident to join a regular class to continue your yoga journey.

Beginners yoga courses are run in person and online - Enquire today!

Course fee: In person: £36 pp / Online: £28 pp

Note: This class is not suitable during pregnancy.  The class is suitable for those who are able to transition easily from mat to standing and viceversa.   18 years+.

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