Newsletter - September

Hello Everyone - I hope you had a good summer and for those of you still on holiday, enjoy it!

COVID Safety

As you all know restrictions have been lifted in July.  There is however some uncertainty about the waning of immunity, who might be affected, the strength of the Delta variant, why those vaccinated can still catch the virus and also pass it on, etc.   

For this reason, I would encourage everyone to keep wearing a mask when they are inside the hall until they are on their mat and use the sanitisers.    I don't like wearing a mask either, but I shall until I am ready to teach!

Some shops still require wearing a mask and some of the bigger yoga studios also do.

I have increased the number of participants in the hall slightly, however there will be generous space for all.

Although the Halls I have hired are big, keeping the space adequately ventilated in autumn and in winter is going to be a challenge.

I understand that we need to learn to live with the virus - we still need to mitigate the risks for all.

Yoga at Home
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Class Passes

Monthly Class Passes are available.